2017 – When white trash is the last remaining acceptable epitaph

Relationships between different groups here in the U.S. of A are pretty bad these days.

Or so they tell me.

Evidently, black people and white folks don’t like each other that much these days, women have it so bad that they are taking it to the streets, and there are a dozen different genders that people are upset because they are not allowed to self-identify as on their government IDs.

And don’t get me started on Muslim’s….

Before I go further and a certain segment of readers starts knee jerking to the rhythmic sounds of the check your privilege chant, I say evidently because the last time I went to church there were black people and white people worshiping together. There was also a large contingent of folks whom I can only assume were gay people in attendance.   The last nonfamily member I invited over to watch a ball game was African-American.

Shoot, I want mixed Mexican-Armenian gender fluid immigrant couples to be able to carry guns and grow weed. I am not against any quality adult-type person that is doing what they think is right and not hurting anyone else.

This is not the old south. It might not be anyway close to perfect but I think that a majority of individuals themselves down here judge people on the content of their character these days.

And there is the rub.  Character.  Just because one is a member of an “oppressed group” does not mean that one can be an asshole. You can’t just say anything you want and not get called on your bullshit.  Paraphrasing Dr. King  – you, just like every other human being on earth, should be judged on the content of your character.  If that character sucks, then you suck regardless of what group you identify as being a part of.

Since white people are the only group one is allowed to make fun of these days ( and only white males if you really want to keep it safe…) consider this:

There is a pair of toothless, cracker ass cracker, white trailer park trash sisters that bum money from their family members for Marlboro menthols and gas money.  They pump out another kid every time money starts dwindling so they can hit up uncle sam for additional assistance.   They ain’t never had a job in their entire adult life and live off the hard work of productive white, black, and brown Americans.   They are obviously addicted to some sort of nefarious crank like substance, and may well be cross addicted to an opioid pharmacological.

Obviously, judging these chicks by the content of their character, they are not quality individuals.  If you swap out their ethnic group for any other, those people are likewise low-quality individuals.  We can infer from Dr. King’s dream that he wanted to remove race ( and I 100% agree one should eliminate sex, gender, etc.  as well) from the equation of how one should ” be judged“.    And if this is the way it should be, and I agree that it is, then the negative judgment based on the content of someone’s character is just as valid as the positive.

Bullshit is bullshit and assholes are assholes.   You can tell who is who based the content of their character.

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