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People in the News April 2019

April 4, 2019 Python, words
People in the News April 2019

I’ve run my People in the News bots and scripts every week since the first of the year.  Each and every week Donald Trump has been number one, and it has never been close.

I’ve never had a repeat person in the second spot until this week when Jussie Smollett reprised his victim role…

people in the news

Politicians Throwing Stones

Beto has dropped like I rock since the last time I posted.  O’Rourke falls from third in mid March all the way down to 27.

Joe Biden moves up from nine to four but that is not necessarily a good thing.  Unless you are one of those “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” types.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s score changed but she remains in the same exact slot as last month.  In fact this was one of the most consistent months, compared to the previous one, so far.

The Top 100 People in the News April 2019

  Donald Trump 99
  Jussie Smollett 76.67
  Nicolas Maduro 70
  Joe Biden 66.67
  Kim Jong Un 50.67
  Bernie Sanders 49.33
  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 40
  Robert Mueller 33.33
  Elizabeth Warren 33
  Mark Zuckerberg 32.3
  Manohar Parrikar 32
  Lori Loughlin 31
  R. Kelly 30.67
  Kamala Harris 25
  Alex Jones 20
  Mike Pompeo 19.67
  Robert Kraft 19.33
  William Barr 18.33
  Jacinda Ardern 18
  Xi Jinping 17
  Freddie Mercury 16
  Adam Schiff 15.67
  Emmanuel Macron 15.65
  Priyanka Chopra 15.55
  Nancy Pelosi 15.33
  Jack Dorsey 15.25
  Beto O’Rourke 15.05
  Lebron James 15
  Beyonce 14.9
  Pope Francis 14.89
  Ivanka Trump 14.88
  Narendra Modi 14.77
  Dianne Feinstein 14.69
  Michael Cohen 14.67
  Benjamin Netanyahu 14.53
  Karl Lagerfeld 14.44
  Vladimir Putin 14.33
  Bryce Harper 14.25
  Donald Trump jr 14.11
  Justin Trudeau 14
  Mark Cuban 13.95
  Pete Buttigieg 13.9
  Kanye West 13.88
  Salman Khan 13.8
  Mike Trout 13.7
  Barack Obama 13.69
  Jamal Khashoggi 12.98
  Nipsey Hustle 12.67
  Matteo Salvini 12.67
  James Comey 12.5
  Lady Gaga 12.35
  Marco Rubio 12.33
  Paul Manafort 12.13
  Roger Stone 12.11
  Bill Maher 12
  Julian Assange 11.82
  Meghan McCain 11.71
  Petro Poroshenko 11.5
  Samantha Josephson 10.95
  Zion Williamson 10.9
  Cristiano Ronaldo 10.8
  Elon Musk 10.75
  George Soros 10.74
  Chelsea Manning 10.33
  George Conway 9.72
  Greg Gutfeld 9.7
  Rachel Maddow 9.67
  Jordan Peele 9.64
  Quentin Tarantino 9.6
  Alyssa Milano 9.5
  Felicity Huffman 9.4
  Monica Lewinsky 9.38
  Jared Kushner 8.33
  Jeff Bezos 8.25
  Tom Brady 8.22
  Ariana Grande 8.11
  Amy Klobuchar 8.05
  Brett Kavanaugh 8.03
  Paris Jackson 8.02
  Colin Kaepernick 8.01
  David Blaine 8
  Joe Rogan 7.9
  Ttayyip Erdogan 7.88
  Louis C.K. 7.87
  Edward Snowden 7.76
  Dick Cheney 7.65
  Keanu Reeves 7.38
  Tulsi Gabbard 6.77
  Phil McGraw 6.76
  Tiger Woods 6.45
  Rob Kardashian 6.14
  Jimmy Fallon 5.73
  Jerry Seinfeld 5.72
  Michael Jordan 5.7
  Ajit Pai 5.49
  Joel Embiid 5.38
  Jair Bolsonaro 4.67
  Jim Boeheim 4.46
  Michelle Obama 4.26
  Odell Beckham Jr. 3.65

I’m tracking the popularity and media saturation of waaaaayyy more than one hundred people.  These folks are just the top of this week’s list.

If you are interested in how data collection and or data analysis can help your business or organization lets talk.


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