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January 3, 2021 ai, javascript, vue
AI Blog

What if you had a blog that was composed of only the ramblings of artificial intelligence that you created? Would that mean that you wrote the blog?

Well that was the idea that I was working through when I created AIBL0G.COM.

After taking a Python Machine Learning and a Tensor Flow class I was most excited about GANs or Generative adversarial networks. The basic idea is that you create a machine learning framework consisting of a Generator and it’s Adversary the Discriminator. The Generator comes up with (Generates…) something (text, images, video, etc…) and tries to fool the Discriminator into thinking that it was real text, or images, etc.

The Discriminator provides feedback to the Generator so that it can continue to improve and provide better attempts which in turn makes the Discriminator better…

Combine this idea with my foray’s into Natural Language Processing, and the decade I did working with blogs, and publishing a site of AI generated blog posts was the natural outcome.

The site itself was created with Vue – I didn’t use a blogging platform, I rolled my own. I hope to continue to develop this basic template / format into a more full fledged blogging platform, but as of now it is very simple. The idea was that the AI generated content was the focus and not the website.

The posts are largely readable if somewhat unwieldy. I am sure that most people could tell that these posts were not written by a human, and some do feel more like translated Chinese instructional manuals than AI genius.

Other posts seem precognitiant, self reflective, and even weirdly creative while maintaining a logical idea.


I wrote this site from scratch – it is not a blogging platform per se; it is a blog site using Vue Framework that I created just for this site. As I continue to work with it I finally got it into the 90th percentile using Google’s Page Insights:

  • Dee Loris 9:36 pm January 6, 2021 Reply

    This is very interesting, I read a few posts and it seems like your AI software has a writing style? Could that be a thing?

    • JTk 6:27 pm January 17, 2021 Reply

      Hey Now – I think it means that it is coded in a way that it creates articles have a similar something 🙂

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