Trip Kendall

I am an independent digital developer and have been for most of my life.  I have formed or co-founded multiple internet related business that generated profits and were eventually sold.

I’ve created and launched well over a hundred websites since the graphical web came to into existence.

I still launch an occasional site these days.  Most of the time I do so with Python and Django; however I have a long a varied history with WordPress and PHP as well.

When I am not creating, consulting on, or providing tech support for websites  I am very interested in solving problems with Python and big data.

If you have an idea for a web app and want to discuss it with someone that understands the tech side, get in touch.  I’m happy to sign reasonable NDA’s, initial consultations are always free, and I’ll give your idea the attention is deserves.

Same goes if you need data analyzed, Google Cloud consulting, tech support, a custom python script.

Contact Me Here