Bad Ass Water

Lets say that I have access to a lot of clean, potable, water and I want to sell it. On the bottle, I want to say – BadAss Water Cures dehydration!

Since I am not a doctor, and have not commissioned my own studies, that I can submit using the official forms; I am not allowed to claim a property of water that is fairly well-known.

Seems silly right? Want something a little more serious?

Lets say, God forbid, you are dying of cancer. There are a number of drugs that have gone through testing and might help relieve your suffering and may even reverse the effects of your cancer.  The FDA has decided that you cannot use many ( if not all ) of these drugs until they go through the approval process. This process can take years, but for your own good, you cannot try them because they *might* harm you.

You are *dying*, what else could these drugs do to you worse than dying from cancer?

The obvious answer is nothing. This does not even take into account the fact that in many states you can’t even ingest a benign herb that can help alleviate the side effects of the cancer killing poisons that are FDA approved…

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