Bad Rabbit Strikes

Yesterday reports began circulating about another ransom-ware variant spreading through Turkey and Germany.   This attack seems to be similar to NotPetya although opinions vary at this point.   A good way to keep up with these sort of incidences in the early hours and days of an outbreak is by following along on twitter.

Of course this outbreak was again spread by a fake Adobe Flash installer – can’t we all agree that we are over Flash and banish it from the wen once and for all?  But I digress, this malware acts like other similar variant and encrypts your files and demands payment through Tor to regain access to them.  This variant is particularly nasty and encrypts your master boot record as well.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to go ahead and set up Controlled Folder Access if you are using a windows machine.

More info:

‘Bad Rabbit’ ransomware strikes Ukraine and Russia

Official statement from the National Cyber Security Center

[Update: Vaccine Found]


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