Boycotting the NBA

Dear NBA – I will be boycotting your organization this year.

I am not watching a game, I am not discussing your league, I will not write about your league again – until you fix this China / Free Speech issue.

And I am not talking about some bullshit press release.

The NBA is dead to me until Adam Silver ( or his replacement ) comes out 100% for free speech and 100% against government censorship and then follows through with action.

I have been a NBA fan for 50 years. I watched the Washington Bullets win a NBA championship in the Capital Center 41 years ago. I bought Air Jordan’s in the nineties, I watched damn near every playoff game last year…

But free speech is more important than Basketball; and hell Basketball is more important than the NBA for that matter….

NBA league colors are red, white, and blue but their policies are just red.

IDGAF about communist China – but obviously you, Adam Silver, care more about money and expanding your market than you do about free speech, lifetime American fans, and hell, basketball for that matter.

Personally I value free speech more that a silly basketball league.

Therefore I will act like you do not exist until you stop cow-towing to authoritarian foreign governments. I am sure that you don’t care about one life long fan. Hell I know you don’t. But this fan has reach…

Additionally I encourage NBA players to rise up and demonstrate your power to Adam Silver, the league, owners, and other middle men that don’t know a cross-over from a cross-burning.

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