Pictures of You, errr.. well, me.

I am blessed that the Internet and more specifically Social Media didn’t exist when I was young… Unless you find some polaroids of me most of my stupidest photos exist privately itrw.

The Trip Kendall Photoshop Text FX

Ever since I had to get an Adobe subscription when I was thrust back into the web-dev world I have been trying not to take Photoshop for granted. My skills have deteriorated some as coding has taken up the vast amount of time I spend at my desk, but Photoshop is still my favorite video… Continue reading The Trip Kendall Photoshop Text FX

Mobile App Design

I was asked to create a very specific look for a mobile app design. Or more specifically if I *could* create a specific look for a mobile design. Most mobile app design is very clean, white / gray,  and apple-ish. This potential client was looking for something a little different for his mobile app design…

Yes I am still available for freelance motion graphics and video

Since this question has come up a few times lately: Yes!  Even though this site has become mostly a Discover Python blog… If I am not booked up I will be happy to schedule your video, motion graphics, original audio. or design project.  I will give it just as much attention as I do any… Continue reading Yes I am still available for freelance motion graphics and video

How I Learned to Stop Using Creative Cloud and Love the GIMP

I’ve used Adobe products, on a daily basis, since well before Creative Cloud was even a thing. Being creative in thought and deed is my raison d etre. This often manifested itself digitally via PhotoShop, Premiere, After Effects, Audition (which I had used as Cool Edit Pro even before Adobe bought it), et. all. Over… Continue reading How I Learned to Stop Using Creative Cloud and Love the GIMP

Web Development

Web Dev, since 1994 While I have been developing websites professionally since 1994, co-founded a company that became the largest web-dev shop in the state, and created multiple official web sites for a Governor of a neighboring state; today I got certified in Web Development. I have worked with literally hundreds of clients over the… Continue reading Web Development

Video Hosting Site Design

Disclaimer: I love  If I had to give up t.v. or YouTube it would be a no brain-er.  That being said, YouTube has started down that twitter censorship road. I am none too happy with that, and it’s even more pernicious on YouTube.  A number of YouTube creators make their sole income from their… Continue reading Video Hosting Site Design