One of the projects that I rolled out this year is a web app that spiders and collects news articles from across the Internet. It saves that spidered data to a Firestore database, and uses some Natural Language Processing AI to determine what each articles is about. It then classifies each article, determines it’s bias,… Continue reading HEADLIN3S


Say what you want about @realDonaldTrump but one could make the case that he is the most dominant voice on social media today. He’s the only person declaring war on Twitter

I Got The News

Darling if you only knew, half as much as everybody thinks you do… — Donald Jay Fagen / Walter Carl Becker Yes, yet another Python project named after a song. Unlike Where It’s At, this data collection project is named after an unfortunate Steely Dan disco meets doobie brothers song called I Got The News… Continue reading I Got The News

Python Podcasts

I love Podcasts.  I love Python.   Outside of the JRE all my favorite podcasts have something to do with Python.  Here is a short list of what I think are the best Python Podcasts.

Object Oriented Programming in Python

Python is a multi-paradigm programming language; meaning object-oriented, structured, functional and even aspect-oriented programming are supported. You can explore these programming styles further here. Python’s object-oriented features use inheritance for code reuse and extensibility in the form of classes.  You don’t have to use classes in your Python projects, however once you understand how powerful… Continue reading Object Oriented Programming in Python

Simpy – Discrete event simulation for Python

One of the coolest libraries that I’ve come across for Python lately is Simpy.   Simpy is a discrete event simulation for Python. SimPy is a framework for asynchronous programming and brings more than ten years of scientific know-how in the field of event-discrete simulation.  In simpler terms – if you want to simulate something,… Continue reading Simpy – Discrete event simulation for Python

Writing Python in VSC with Pylint

Maybe it’s because when I started coding I typed into editplus which was a glorified text editor with some syntax highlighting; but for whatever reason I have always avoided heavy IDE’s and linters… Maybe I’m just bad at taking criticism 🙂

Where Its At May 1st 2019

If it’s May, then it’s time for a new version of my on-going series where I track what places are being mentioned the most in the news and on social media. The criteria for being a place in this context is that I can generate longitude and latitude for it. Even if those co-ordinates don’t… Continue reading Where Its At May 1st 2019