Sports Leagues Popularity

As my bots continue to bring me data from all across the interwebs I am constantly thinking about interesting questions to ask it. As I have been focused on numbers generated by various sports leagues I began to wonder about the popularity of these various leagues themselves…

NBA Power Rankings February 2019

I have recently been inspired to write code of interest to the legal sports book industry again.  Disclaimer – I have nothing to do with placing bets, taking bets, money exchanges for bets, or anything else to do with actual betting. What I am almost obsessed with is sports betting odds, probabilities, rankings, etc.  Of… Continue reading NBA Power Rankings February 2019

The NBA PPR – Money Ball Edition

The other day I re-wrote my NBA player ranking algorithm so that it was more commiserate with my current Python skills.  While my coding is significantly better, the basic idea was the same: take the available advanced analytics and determine who really are the most effective players in the NBA. While I am more confident… Continue reading The NBA PPR – Money Ball Edition