Democratic Party 2020 Nominee March Madness Edition

Even though I don’t publish every week, I run the numbers for all my projects each week.  This week the 2020 Democratic Party Nominee Python scripts produced such interesting and different information I decided to post.

Kamala Harris regained the top spot this week.  Sen. Harris continues to look like a good bet to be the establishment Democrats first choice if Biden decides against another run.  Maybe even if he does decide to give it another try…

Beto moves into 2nd place with a nice bump in fundraising and media attention since his announcement.

Speaking of media – the biggest mover this week was Pete Buttigieg and he seems to have killed it making the media rounds.  One can only wonder how long it is before Trump tweets out a nickname for him…

Democratic Party 2020 Nominee Percentage March 24th 2019

 Candidate Percentage
 Kamala Harris 10
 Beto O’Rourke 9.75
 Joe Biden 9.5
 Bernie Sanders 9
 Elizabeth Warren 8
 Amy Klobuchar 7.5
 Cory Booker 7.25
 Pete Buttigieg 6.5
 Kirsten Gillibrand 6
 Julián Castro 5
 John Hickenlooper 4.5
 Tulsi Gabbard 4.25
 John Delaney 4
 Andrew Yang 3
 Jay Inslee 2
 Steve Bullock 1.5
 Terry McAuliffe 1.25
 Tim Ryan 1

Kirsten Gillibrand slides a little further and is starting to seem like an also ran.   Marianne Williamson has been removed as she went from .41 to .34 to .01 to finally 0.0 this week.

Tulsi Gabbard, while still a very long-shot at less than 5%, continues to see small,  incremental, improvement 6 weeks straight.

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