Democratic Presidential Candidates 2020 – March Power Rankings

I am super excited to announce the March Madness edition of the 2020 Democratic Candidates Power Rankings!

I’ve invested over 20 hours into my rating system since last month’s version  ran.  In February I ranked the chances of 2020 potus candidates regardless of party.

This month it is strictly Democrats.  The new version of my system is much slicker and contains a couple of totally new metrics.

Python and Pandas to Pick a President

I have added social media mentions and a proprietary “news popularity” metric to the data I was collecting previously.   My system now uses four criteria types, each containing multiple sources of  information.

I am tracking 50 potential 2020 democratic candidates.   These rankings represent the top 25 democratic candidates on a scale from 1 to 100 at this point in time.

I could tell you more about my system but I have to get permission from the lovely Teresa Gail before I release anything…

Marianne Williamson and Eric Garcetti could not even make it to 1, so my system still needs some small tweaks.  I’ll fix that and add some additional sources before I trigger it next month.

Democratic Party 2020  Candidate March Power Rankings

  name rating
  0 Joe Biden 96.60
  1 Bernie Sanders 92.00
  2 Kamala Harris 87.41
  3 Beto O’Rourke 82.00
  4 Elizabeth Warren 79.46
  5 Sherrod Brown 72.57
  6 Cory Booker 71.18
  7 Amy Klobuchar 68.88
  8 Kirsten Gillibrand 45.51
  9 Michael Bloomberg 43.87
  10 John Hickenlooper 43.13
  11 Julián Castro 34.36
  12 Eric Holder 30.67
  13 Pete Buttigieg 29.93
  14 Steve Bullock 29.36
  15 Tulsi Gabbard 28.88
  16 Terry McAuliffe 26.73
  17 Jay Inslee 25.34
  18 Jeff Merkley 23.86
  19 Andrew Cuomo 14.92
  20 Andrew Yang 12.14
  21 Mitch Landrieu 10.58
  22 John Delaney 3.20
  23 Eric Garcetti 0.98
  24 Marianne Williamson 0.00

Democratic 2020 Candidates March Madness

Biden, Bernie, and Beto all improved from my last survey.

Mark my words:  If O’Rourke can leverage social media to the extent Obama ( or even Trump )  did/does,  he could be a force to be reckoned with.

Tulsi Gabbard had the biggest slide of any of the top half of the candidates from last month.  Main stream news hit jobs are still effective evidently…  John Hickenlooper made a  nice move up from the bottom rungs to solidly in the middle.

Tune in next month to see how these ratings change.   As always, feel free to tell me how I am wrong in the comments section.

If some proprietary data collection and analysis could benefit you, we should talk. 


  1. Hey Now, nice fake name 🙂

    Bernie is too old for what? To be president?

    Bernie Sanders is 77 years old. If he was elected he would be the oldest man ( come on – it’s not sexist there has never been a female potus…) ever inaugurated.

    The oldest president ever elected previously was Donald Trump and he’s done… Well, okay you MAY have a point 🙂

    Cheers, thanks for stopping by.

    1. oh – and if Biden *does* run, which is no slam dunk, and wins at 76 he would be the oldest…

    1. I resemble this remark… It’s amazing that people that are “for the troops” can be so rude to her. She’s been there, where is her “thank you for your service”? She’s not entitled to it because she wants to remove us from entangling foreign conflicts?

    1. I think Beto is coming on strong, Bernie got the post announce boost, and for some reason people love Joe Biden.. I think Harris has what it takes ( mainstream support ) to hang around, but she did get a little upstaged this cycle.

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