F7F Team Q Scores for May 2019

The Fifty7Fifty bots are always collecting sports related information from across the internet. One of the things we track are Q-scores.

The Q Score (popularly known as Q-Rating) is a measurement of the familiarity and appeal of a brand, celebrity, company, or entertainment product.

The higher the Q Score, the more highly regarded the item or person is, among those who are aware of the subject.

Of course we are only interested in sports related Q-scores, and today we are focused on the Q-scores of teams.


It’s an interesting time in the sports calendar. The NFL Draft just concluded, the NBA and NHL playoffs are in full swing, and of course it’s ML Baseball season

Sports Q Ratings are highly dependent on what season it is and what is happening at any given time. We are collecting data each month to see if we can get an overview of an entire sports cycle.

Some teams popularity is such that they always show up in the Rankings ( The Yankees, Lakers, Cowboys, etc.)  Others, like the Arizona Cardinals only show up near the top of the list when they have the number one overall pick in the draft AND screw the pooch trying to trade last years number one pick.

Interestingly, with the Dallas Cowboys having such a quiet off season they check in at Number 50 this month – easily the lowest raking since we have been compiling data.


Top Fifty Team Q Ratings May 2019

Team F7F 5-19 Q Rating Leauge
Golden State Warriors 72 NBA
Arizona Cardinals 59 NFL
New York Yankees 54 MLB
Houston Rockets 43 NBA
Carolina Hurricanes 38 NHL
Boston Celtics 35 NBA
Washington Nationals 32 MLB
Philadelphia 76ers 31 NBA
Milwaukee Bucks 30 NBA
Toronto Raptors 29 NBA
Denver Nuggets 28 NBA
Kansas City Chiefs 27 NFL
Milwaukee Brewers 26 MLB
Tampa Bay Rays 25 MLB
Miami Dolphins 24 NFL
New York Mets 23 MLB
San Jose Sharks 22 NHL
Los Angeles Angels 21 MLB
Portland Trail Blazers 20 NBA
San Diego Padres 19 MLB
Alabama Crimson Tide 18 NCAA
San Antonio Spurs 17 NBA
Cleveland Browns 15 NFL
Carolina Panthers 14 NFL
Virginia Cavaliers 13 NCAA
Miami Marlins 12 MLB
Minnesota Vikings 11 NFL
Cleveland Indians 10.5 MLB
Los Angeles Dodgers 10 MLB
Philadelphia Eagles 9 NFL
Los Angeles Rams 8.5 NFL
Atlanta Braves 8 MLB
New England Patriots 7.5 NFL
Los Angeles Lakers 7 NBA
Indiana Pacers 6.5 NBA
Los Angeles Clippers 6 NBA
Oakland Raiders 5.75 NFL
Green Bay Packers 5.5 NFL
Colorado Avalanche 5.25 NHL
Washington Capitals 5 NHL
Phoenix Suns 4.75 NBA
Duke Blue Devils 4.5 NCAA
Oklahoma City Thunder 4.25 NBA
Tampa Bay Lightning 4 NHL
Arizona Diamondbacks 3.75 MLB
Orlando Magic 3.5 NBA
Detroit Pistons 3 NBA
New York Knicks 2.75 NBA
New Orleans Saints 2.5 NFL
Dallas Cowboys 2 NFL


This month there are 3 non-professional ( that is, the players don’t get paid… ) teams making the list.   The NCAA Champion Virginia Cavaliers join Duke basketball and the ever present Alabama Crimson Tide in these rankings.

Duke basketball and ‘Bama football are easily the two highest rated college teams each and every week.

The Golden State Warriors continue to dominate these rankings – more than doubling every other NBA team that they are not currently battling in this round of the playoffs.  As a result of the LeBron led Lakers failing to make the playoffs Steph Curry ( as well as James Harden ) passed up James as the highest rated players.

It will be interesting to see if they can keep the top spot once the season ends.

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