Facebook Colored Status Backgrounds

Yo, Facebook, I’m really happy for you.

I like your colored status backgrounds, but I’ve got some of the best colored status backgrounds of all time!

From what we read, Facebook decided to “help people make their text posts more visual”, while boosting “original sharing of unique personal content”  as opposed to re-posting meme’s, ads, etc. which we are 100% for…

But why stop there Facebook?  Why not give each colored status background it’s own webfont style too?  Here is how we re-imaged status backgrounds, click on a thumbnail to see a large version.

custom status background 1

colored status background

Facebook colored background status

colored status background

facebook colored background

nudigital stuido colored background status

If Facebook or anyone else wants the source files for these, just get in touch 🙂 If you have any thoughts on these custom status backgrounds, how to encourage original sharing on social media sites, or why we chose these colors; use the comment section below – lets interact!

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