Fantasy Football Player Rankings

Now that NFL free agency, combine, and the draft have concluded, we figured it would be a good time to publish our fantasy football player rankings.

We have written a bunch of code and spent allot of time compiling these rankings. While we have hundreds of players rated, today we are posting the top 50 players.

The Top 50 Fantasy Football Players:

1S. BarkleyNYGRB99.67
2E. ElliottDALRB99.0
3A. KamaraNORB96.99
4C. McCaffreyCARRB96.32
5M. GordonLACRB93.31
6D. HopkinsHOUWR89.97
7T. GurleyLARRB88.96
8D. AdamsGBWR87.29
9J. ConnerPITRB86.29
11J. JonesATLWR85.95
11L. BellNYJRB85.95
11J. MixonCINRB85.95
13D. JohnsonARIRB83.95
14.5M. ThomasNOWR82.27
14.5J. Smith-SchusterPITWR82.27
16O. BeckhamCLEWR79.6
17T. KelceKCTE78.6
18A. BrownOAKWR77.26
20D. CookMINRB74.25
21M. EvansTBWR71.91
22K. AllenLACWR69.23
23Z. ErtzPHITE67.89
24.5T. HiltonINDWR65.89
24.5L. FournetteJACRB65.89
26A. GreenCINWR65.55
27A. JonesGBRB64.88
28A. CooperDALWR64.21
29S. MichelNERB63.21
30G. KittleSFTE61.54
31D. FreemanATLRB60.87
32A. ThielenMINWR60.54
33S. DiggsMINWR58.86
34K. GolladayDETWR56.19
35.5R. WoodsLARWR55.85
35.5J. EdelmanNEWR55.85
37B. CooksLARWR54.85
38M. MackINDRB53.51
39K. JohnsonDETRB52.84
40D. HenryTENRB52.17
41C. KuppLARWR50.84
42P. MahomesKCQB47.49
43P. LindsayDENRB46.49
44C. CarsonSEARB43.14
45S. WatkinsKCWR41.14
46D. WatsonHOUQB40.8
47A JefferyPHIWR38.46
48D. WilliamsKCRB37.46
49M. IngramBALRB37.12

** The rankings are based on math, stats, last years ff results, scraped crowd-knowledge, and machine learning.

Our opinions don’t figure into it.  If they did Antonio Brown would be higher and Melvin Gordon would be lower.

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