Google Pixel 4 is Excellent

You know how sometimes you buy the latest gadget and you instantly have buyers remorse and techno let-down syndrome?

I have had the exact opposite experience with my new Pixel 4.

Yes, I have read multiple articles from jaded tech writers, regurgitating the same group-think; slamming the Pixel 4. Let me sum them all up for you:

The Pixel 4 is a little better than the Pixel 3 which is really, really good..

Jaded Tech Writer Consensus

That’s it. Ok, that’s it in a nutshell but still that’s it. It’s better (but only slightly!) than something that is already pretty great. You could throw in “Feature x is not quite as good as feature x on Samsung x.”

All of that can be true as well as The Google Pixel 4 is Excellent statement with which I titled this post.

Snarkiness aside the other part of the argument from the twitch-stream tech-writers is that the Pixel 4 is overpriced compared to its predecessors and the competition.

The Google Pixel 4 is indeed expensive for those of us that are not Failsons and tech writers. Never forget that these reviewers are by in large receiving these phones gratis to review. That alone changes the experience.

Free at Last

In my case I was also transitioning from an iPhone ( with a “Trap Phone”, in the parlance of our times, in between ) back to the Android world. I cannot express the joy accompanying finally being freed from Apple. For the first time in a long, long time I have no products, services, or hardware from that damn company.

One of the best things about all Pixels is that they are free from all of the bloatware that is on other Android phones. Life is too short for having to scroll past the same 20 apps you cannot uninstall for a years.

Yes, I tend to keep a device for years…

The Pixel 4 Camera Tho…

The Pixel family of phones are, rightly or wrongly, thought to be more secure than your run of the mill Android Phone. Priority updates alone make me think this is true.

This Phone is fast, has a battery that gets me through the day, has a beautiful screen, excellent camera, and it’s an A or B+ as far as usability goes.

I could not recommend it more wholeheartedly. I don’t give a damn what those surfeited professional un-boxers say.

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