Holistic Digital Security Audit

Do you need a digital security audit? That depends; do you have a cell phone and a tablet? Do you shop online, have a website, a smart TV? Have Bluetooth in your car, a kindle fire stick or a “digital assistant”?  Has your Amazon password been pwned?  Is your info on the dark web?

More and more often these days we all have an increasing number of devices that are connected to the Internet. Some people call this trend The Internet of Things.   For those of us interested in cyber security it equates to additional  opportunities to get hacked or digitally ransomed. Each electronic device and service you add to your life adds to your digital vulnerability .

Nobody can ensure, with 100% certainty, that you will not get hacked, ransomwared, or get your identity stolen. You can greatly decrease the odds of that happening with a few simple steps. The first of which is determining your current risk, and this is where a holistic digital security audit comes in.

What is a Holistic Digital Security Audit?

I will work with you to assess and identify your cyber security situation and recommend changes that can be implemented to improve your security.  I call it holistic because unlike other services I treat each client individually and evaluate their entire exposure. Everyone is different and has different security issues, but the goal is always the same: provide my clients the best security consulting available.

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    1. Hey now, all a Holistic Digital Security Audit is really is looking at someone or some organizations entire digital exposure and figuring out where and how they can improve their security measures.

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