Hurricane Michael Devastation

If you’ve noticed that this blog has not been updated since the initial post after I changed hosts – at least this time I have a good reason.

Hurricane Michael slammed into our lives and left us without power, internet, hell even running water for weeks.

We stayed home, right in the path of Michael, and it was still very much hurricane strength when it got here.  The storm itself was intense and scary, but the aftermath was way worse.

Fortunately we were in a position to buy a generator and keep it filled with gas as well as purchase an little AC window unit.

You may not think AC would be a priority but it was still over 90 each day and didn’t get below 75 degrees at night.  If you are holding a chain saw for 8+ hours a day, day after day, in that heat;  and not able to get clean and cool at night, I think you might change your position.

We had trees down everywhere, power-lines across our road for over a week, our fence was knocked down, but luckily little actual damage to our house.  The lovely Teresa Gail’s dad was not so lucky so we spent time over in Marianna helping him clear the trees off of his house.

One positive that came out of this disaster was I got a chance to read the outstanding Python Tricks: A Buffet of Awesome Python Features. Highly recommended.

One a final note:  If your friends or family are ever in a natural disaster – offer whatever help you can.  It’ll make a big difference, even if they cannot take you up on it.

If you are ever in a natural disaster and your friends or family members don’t even check in on you – then they are not really your friends or family.

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