March Madness – NBA Edition

Hey Now, welcome to Fifty 7 Fifty’s first NBA Power Rankings. This is of course not the first NBA power rankings I’ve published, but this is the first official F7F posting.

The 76ers are the hottest team in the right now – and peaking at just about the perfect time. and crew are up to #4 this week…

March 2019 NBA Power Rankings

Golden State 99.14
Denver 98.9
Milwaukee 97.7
Philadelphia 96.27
Toronto 95.78
Portland 94.93
San Antonio 94.57
Boston 92.81
Houston 92.25
LA Clippers 92.1
Utah 91.93
Indiana 91.42
Oklahoma City 89.95
New Orleans 89.41
Minnesota 89.25
Detroit 88.49
Sacramento 88.3
Miami 87.97
Brooklyn 87.96
Charlotte 87.77
Orlando 87.73
Washington 86.91
LA Lakers 85.3
Dallas 84.83
Atlanta 83.01
Memphis 82.79
Cleveland 82.11
Chicago 80.21
Phoenix 77.8
New York 76.73


The Dubs reclaimed the top spot ( again, at just about the perfect time… ) as Milwaukee stumbled a little.  Those two teams have been trading the number one spot back and forth between them since I started publishing this years ranking.


Other than Atlanta and Memphis swapping places, and the Lakers continuing free fall, the bottom quarter of the list remains the same.


San Antonio remains an enigma; they continue to have better numbers then their win loss record alone would indicate.

Denver climbs up all the way up to #2 while last fortnight’s hottest team, the Rockets, come back down to earth a little.


    1. Hey Gail, great question!

      Our algorithm uses many evaluation criteria – winning percentage is import statistic but it is not the only one that we evaluate to create our rankings.

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