NBA Player Post Season Rankings

During a lively ongoing discussion about the 2019 NBA Playoffs, the subject of which player was performing the best was tendered. Then the question became “How can one even compare Lillard to Jokic?”

Hold my beer…

Nikola Jokic is having a statistically historic post-season. He is also lumbering, awkward, and can’t jump – so his greatness looks different.

How does one compare that to the silky smooth, poetry in motion, big shot nailin’, Dame Lillard?

Well if you’re like me you create a all new basketball metric and run the numbers. I’m calling it:

True Value Over Replacement Per Winshare PlusMinus

If you are interested in advanced stats, some of that Frankenstein-ish monstrosity of stat abuse should sound familiar. If you want more information about any of those specific terms head over to the excellent

note: is also the source of all F7F basketball data.

NBA Player Post Season Rankings

Rank Name Team Pos true_value_over_replacement_per_winshare_plusminus
1.0 Jokic DEN C 5.932476
2.0 Giannis MIL PF 4.267828
3.0 Leonard TOR SF 3.704816
4.0 Harden HOU PG 2.875477
5.0 KD GSW PF 1.461979
6.0 Embiid PHI C 1.288240
7.0 Butler PHI SF 1.257731
8.0 Lillard POR PG 1.151748
9.0 DeRozan SAS SG 0.315253
10.0 Ben Simmons PHI PG 0.224938
11.0 Draymond GSW PF 0.146616
12.0 Siakam TOR PF -0.111957
13.0 Curry GSW PG -0.684006
14.0 Jamal Murray DEN PG -0.690951
15.0 CP3 HOU PG -0.698172
16.0 Middleton MIL SF -1.105826
17.0 Kyrie Irving BOS PG -1.299638
18.0 McCollum POR SG -1.342535
19.0 Klay GSW SG -3.394015

The idea is that a ranking of zero would be that of average impact playoff player. For example Draymond Green has had a successful post season so far while curry is not playing up to an elite level. So far…

You would have a difficult time arguing that Jokic, Giannis, Leonard, Harden, and KD were not having as good a playoffs as anyone. Or that Kyrie did not have a quality postseason.

If you are a casual fan you might not realize the extent that Nikola has statistically dominated this years postseason. Or just how bad Kyrie was…

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