NBA Power Rankings February 2019

I have recently been inspired to write code of interest to the legal sports book industry again.  Disclaimer – I have nothing to do with placing bets, taking bets, money exchanges for bets, or anything else to do with actual betting.

What I am almost obsessed with is sports betting odds, probabilities, rankings, etc.  Of course when this kind of data is turned into information it can be of great value to the sports betting industry…

With the legalization of sports betting in New Jersey the total amount wagered each month almost doubled to $184 Million.   That is not an insignificant amount of money.  It also represents a significant monetary increase making legal sports gambling a growth industry indeed.

The more I speak to people in the industry about their IT operations and infrastructure, the more I am intrigued.  Since I love sports and Python, Pandas, machine learning, Linux, etc. this is far from surprising.

Machine learning in general, and in AI in particular, are based significantly on probabilities.  Betting odds are also probabilities.  Obviously this is a match made in heaven.

February 2019 NBA Power Rankings

Since tis’ the season, I have focused my latest sports information generation efforts on the NBA.

A few months ago I did a project that was more of interest to me and NBA general managers then it was to gamblers.  This week I am back on track writing code of interest to sports bettors and the sports gambling industry.

I am not giving away picks or any information you can just take and make money betting with  – nothing that any sports gambling industry company might want to pay me for lol.

What I am publishing is a look at my all new, revamped, state of the art NBA power rankings.


  Milwaukee 99.81
  Golden State 99.71
  Toronto 98.79
  Denver 96.63
  Philadelphia 93.27
  Oklahoma City 92.8
  Boston 92.65
  Indiana 92.63
  Portland 90.83
  Houston 90.46
  San Antonio 88.97
  LA Clippers 87.29
  Utah 86.6
  Sacramento 85.58
  Brooklyn 84.35
  Charlotte 82.58
  Minnesota 82.56
  LA Lakers 82.48
  New Orleans 81.18
  Detroit 80.41
  Dallas 80.38
  Orlando 80.01
  Miami 79.95
  Washington 79.06
  Memphis 74.71
  Atlanta 72.44
  Chicago 65.88
  Cleveland 65.34
  Phoenix 63.09
  New York 63.02


CLICK HERE for an interactive version of this bar graph

February 2019 Power Rankings

These rankings are based on performance stats as well as actual results.  The Milwaukee Bucks are +950 right now at OddsShark.  I don’t bet money personally, for a number of reasons, not least of which is something akin to the don’t get high on your own supply rule.

But the Bucks FTW looks like a very appealing wager.

Interestingly the San Antonio Spurs are the worst performing team in regards to wins and losses vs. their efficiency stats. The Washington Wizards have over performed based on the previous metric…

It’s also interesting that the top 10 teams are evenly split between the Eastern Conference and the West.  Are the conferences becoming more balanced?

As always, feel free to tell me how I’m wrong in the comments.

If you are in the sports betting industry and are looking for an edge, hollar.


    1. This model reflects how teams have performed up until now. The Clips have certainly changed since the deadline so they may not be as good a team at the end of the year as they were the first half of the year.

      It suggests that the Sacramento Kings and even the Minnesota Timberwolves have performed better than the Lakers so far this year, so the clippers fire sale may not matter much unless the Lakers perform better. As long as Lebron stays healthy they should I would guess – but enough to get the last spot?

  1. So the Houston Rockets are the TENTH best team in the NBA? Really? That is ridiculous. And when they get healthy? They will be the BEST team.

    1. Statistically and record wise, yes, the Rockets have performed like the worst team in the NBA to this point.

      I agree that they should improve when they get healthy. Then again in Harden’s injury lingers they are toast. And they lost to the Lakers and Timberwolves back to back, lost 3 out of the last 4, and have the dubs next…

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