New Security Certifications

Imho when you are talking about the Internet, or computers in general, security is of paramount importance. If you disagree you have probably never had to clean up after a virus, combat a DDOS attack, or suffered a ransomware situation.

Security Certifications

I have dealt with all these situations, as well as a myriad of other computer security issues over the last 30 years. This being the case computer and network security has always been a subject that was near and dear to my heart. I started reading the usenet group ( yes I am old ) back in the day and followed the Slashdot security feed until /. was sold of and went straight down hill… To this day I have continue to subscribe to a number of security related sites and feeds.

Over the past year I decided to start studying computer security systemically. A few months ago I got certified in Information Security and Cryptography. Last month I continued my information security education by taking two very interesting courses.

Web Application Security

Both of my new certifications come from Cybrary. Cybrary is a newer site with great potential as an alternative to Udemy, Datacamp, or Saylor which I have used for my continuing education.

The Web App Security class was appealing to me as I have deployed more than a handful of six figure web apps and countless websites over the years where I was responsible for security. I’ve worked on high profile political campaign websites that were targeted by the opposition’s hacker minions – I’ve seen how digital vandals can make life difficult for those of us who launch web apps.

This particular class gives you a really good overview of the tools and methods hackers use to attack web apps. It is basically a white hat hacker class. The premise being that you can’t know how to combat black hats if you don’t understand their tools and methods. I learned quite a bit from this class and would recommend it for anyone that is interested in learning how hackers do what they do.

Python for Web Security Professionals

If you have read this blog previously you know that I am a huge fan of Python. To be fair, I used this class as if it was “Security for Python Professionals”. This class was interesting and exposed me to programming with sockets which in and of itself was worth the price of admission. I was glad I took this class and got the certification, but the instructor, while very knowledgeable, was not as professional as say Jose Portilla over at Udemy.

Continuing Education and Certification

While I wouldn’t say that I am addicted to collecting certifications, I certainly invest a large chuck of my free time in my continuing education. Right now I am in the middle of Mr. Portilla’s Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp. I am not sure what class I am going to take when I complete that. If you have a suggestion for a good online class focused on Python, security, advanced cryptology, or machine learning shoot me a message and let me know. I’ll check it out asap.

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