NFL Quarterbacks Ranked

Before the NFL Draft interrupted us, we were busy working on our rankings of individual NFL players. You can see the running backs and the receivers here.

Today we are posting the rankings for quarterbacks. Just like the other rankings these are based solely on last years performance.

Our quarterback ranking system is supposed to rank QB’s on a scale of -100 to 100.

Last year two quarterbacks named Josh ( Allen and Rosen ) played so poorly that they broke our scale and rank below -100.  These rookies performed so poorly that two teams had backups that posted better rankings…

The Mariota Line…

Marcus Mariota of the Tennessee Titans posted a ranking of exactly zero – meaning that he should be looked at as a completely average NFL QB.

This is still way better than the QB that the Titans got in the off season; @ryantannehill1 posted a -16…

Patrick Mahomes 53 touchdowns helps him grab the top spot – but by any measure he had a great season. The only QB close to posting Mahomes like numbers was Drew Brees.  Mahomes and Brees were on a different level then the rest of the QB’s in the league last year.

The rest of the top ten includes the usual suspects although you may be surprised to see Matt Ryan at number three.  If you check out our receiver rankings however you’ll see that the Falcons had two wideout’s that performed at a level consistent with a number one receiver.  That will help a quarterbacks stats…

The Top 34 Quarterbacks in the NFL

Rank Player Team Rating
1 Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs 99
2 Drew Brees New Orleans Saints 97
3 Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons 75
4 Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks 68
5 Ryan Fitzpatrick Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48
6 Philip Rivers Los Angeles Chargers 47
7 Carson Wentz Philadelphia Eagles 37
8 Deshaun Watson Houston Texans 35
9 Kirk Cousins Minnesota Vikings 32
10 Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts 24
11 Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers 23
12 Jared Goff Los Angeles Rams 22
13 Tom Brady New England Patriots 17
14 Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys 15
15 Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers 13
16 Derek Carr Oakland Raiders 5
17 Mitchell Trubisky Chicago Bears 5
18 Cam Newton Carolina Panthers 4
19 Baker Mayfield Cleveland Browns 2
20 Marcus Mariota Tennessee Titans 0
21 Eli Manning New York Giants -1
22 Nick Mullens San Francisco 49ers -5
23 Jameis Winston Tampa Bay Buccaneers -9
24 Ryan Tannehill Miami Dolphins -16
25 Nick Foles Philadelphia Eagles -16
26 Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions -19
27 Andy Dalton Cincinnati Bengals -30
28 Alex Smith Washington Redskins -49
29 Joe Flacco Baltimore Ravens -57
30 Case Keenum Denver Broncos -60
31 Blake Bortles Jacksonville Jaguars -69
32 Sam Darnold New York Jets -78
33 Josh Allen Buffalo Bills -124
34 Josh Rosen Arizona Cardinals -133

Interestingly enough the two quarterbacks from the SuperBowl are right next to each other at #12 and #13.  This supports our theory that you need a good quarterback to be successful in the NFL, but not necessarily a great one.

We call this “The Marino Effect”

Deshaun Watson was the best “young” QB last year while Baker Mayfield and Mitchell Trubisky both posted positive ratings as well.

Matthew Stafford and Jameis Winston are big name, veteran  quarterbacks that did not perform well last year.

Also, and this may be of interest to no one outside of the sunshine state, ( stupid nfl/tv local listings… ) Ryan Fitzpatrick is the only good QB in Florida

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