NFL Receivers Ranked

By our count there were 20 “true number 1” wide receivers in the NFL last year. Too bad there are 32 teams…

It gets worse for the have-not’s as three teams had two receivers that performed at a level consistent with a #1 grade.

Two of those three teams (the Atlanta Falcons and the Los Angeles Rams) will start next year with 1a and 1b receivers while the Pittsburgh Steelers jettisoned one of their wide out’s, maybe you heard about it

Dallas finally got a true number one receiver, and the Cincinnati Bengals have one but its not A.J Green?

The Top 20 NFL Wide Receivers

rank player team rating
1 Michael Thomas New Orleans Saints 1.853
2 DeAndre Hopkins Houston Texans 1.708
3 Tyreek Hill Kansas City Chiefs 1.614
4 Davante Adams Green Bay Packers 1.503
5 Antonio Brown Pittsburgh Steelers 1.497
6 Julio Jones Atlanta Falcons 1.462
7 Adam Thielen Minnesota Vikings 1.142
8 Mike Evans Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1.117
9 JuJu Smith-Schuster Pittsburgh Steelers 1.004
10 T.Y. Hilton Indianapolis Colts 0.84
11 Brandin Cooks Los Angeles Rams 0.837
12 Robert Woods Los Angeles Rams 0.799
13 Keenan Allen Los Angeles Chargers 0.769
14 Tyler Lockett Seattle Seahawks 0.572
15 Amari Cooper Dallas Cowboys 0.554
16 Julian Edelman New England Patriots 0.551
17 Tyler Boyd Cincinnati Bengals 0.15
18 Odell Beckham Jr New York Giants 0.112
19 Kenny Golladay Detroit Lions 0.03
20 Calvin Ridley Atlanta Falcons 0.003

Much like our NFL Running Back Review these rankings are based solely on last years performance.  These are the only wide receivers in the NFL that we give a positive grade.

The three closest receivers, that are just below the Mendoza Line, are:

Alshon Jeffery WR Philadelphia Eagles -0.011
Mike Williams WR Los Angeles Chargers -0.04
Jarvis Landry WR Cleveland Browns -0.196

So the Eagles almost have a #1, the Chargers almost have 2, and Odell and Landry should team up to give Baker Mayfield a legit receiving tandem in Cleveland.

Interestingly if we apply this same formula to Tight Ends – three of them performed up to the level of a #1 receiver last year:

Travis Kelce TE Kansas City Chiefs 1.452
George Kittle TE San Francisco 49ers 0.6
Eric Ebron TE Indianapolis Colts 0.42

First of all, what are they doing to produce NFL quality TE’s at Iowa?  George Kittle was the second most effective pass receiving TE in the NFL last year and 2 more Hawkeye TE’s are poised to be first round picks this year.

Also, Travis Kelce is easily as (more?) effective as any WR and Tarik Cohen was the only RB in the top 50.

We’ll be posting our QB ratings before the end of the week, until then follow us on twitter for the latest NFL Draft analysis.

If you are interested in seeing the top 50 pass catchers in the NFL you can download our worksheet here.

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