NFL Running Backs Ranked

If you are anything like us, in between thinking about the NFL Draft and elliptic curves, you are scheming strategies to dominate your upcoming fantasy football league.

We can help!

To that end today we give you the list of who we consider the most successful or effective NFL running backs from last year. This is not our prediction of how a running back will perform next year.

We simply ran last years numbers through some machine learning algorithms that assigns a grade to each running back’s overall performance from last year.

We’ll be posting predictions for next years fantasy football soon enough, but for now:

Top 30 NFL Running Backs Ranked

rank player pos team rating
1 Todd Gurley II RB Los Angeles Rams 4.64
2 Saquon Barkley RB New York Giants 3.35
3 Derrick Henry RB Tennessee Titans 3.25
4 Phillip Lindsay RB Denver Broncos 2.49
5 Nick Chubb RB Cleveland Browns 2.37
6 Ezekiel Elliott RB Dallas Cowboys 1.71
7 Aaron Jones RB Green Bay Packers 1.57
8 Sony Michel RB New England Patriots 1.51
9 Marlon Mack RB Indianapolis Colts 1.32
10 Alvin Kamara RB New Orleans Saints 1.25
11 Joe Mixon HB Cincinnati Bengals 1.2
12 Christian McCaffrey RB Carolina Panthers 1.12
13 Chris Carson RB Seattle Seahawks 0.93
14 Melvin Gordon RB Los Angeles Chargers 0.82
15 Lamar Miller RB Houston Texans 0.4
16 Adrian Peterson RB Washington Redskins 0.11
17 Matt Breida RB San Francisco 49ers -0.04
18 Kerryon Johnson RB Detroit Lions -0.2
19 Isaiah Crowell RB New York Jets -0.3
20 Tevin Coleman RB Atlanta Falcons -0.84
21 Kareem Hunt RB Kansas City Chiefs -0.86
22 C.J. Anderson RB Los Angeles Rams -1.12
23 Mark Ingram RB New Orleans Saints -1.38
24 Gus Edwards RB Baltimore Ravens -1.54
25 Jordan Howard RB Chicago Bears -1.79
26 Austin Ekeler RB Los Angeles Chargers -1.97
27 Dalvin Cook RB Minnesota Vikings -2.24
28 David Johnson RB Arizona Cardinals -2.38
29 Kenyan Drake RB Miami Dolphins -2.52
30 Mike Davis RB Seattle Seahawks -2.99

Adrian Peterson is the last running back that we give a positive rating to.  All the players below him represent a performance not as good as an average starting running back.

So Matt Breida had essentially an average year as a NFL starting running back.  Almost.

Dalvin Cook all the way down at 27 is somewhat of a surprise right above one of the biggest FF busts of last year.

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