Nothing is solid, and there is but one thing we control

In the end, all we are, really, are these amazing creatures that interpret vibrations.

Everything is vibrating constantly, even things that seem solid (nothing is really solid…) – and with our eyes, ears, touch, etc we take in these vibrations.

This is not new-age mumbo jumbo, this is physics, science.

So be it wavelength’s of light we can interpret with our eyes, or sound waves we interpret with our ears – we are are constantly bombarded with vibrations.

Things like wood that appear solid are not, but rather highly organized sea’s of energy that we interpret, with the tools that we have, as solid.

What makes us who we are, individually, is how we decide to deal with these vibrations – by a large measure that is the only thing that we are really free to do – to decide how we want to deal with the vibrations that we are exposed to.

Of course our reactions produce yet more vibrations, and this is where the new-age mumbo jumbo starts.

You can either send out (with apologies to Brian Wilson..) good vibrations or negative vibrations, freedom is really just the ability to choose what kind of vibrations you produce – but if you *do* anything, you are creating vibrations that will be there for other people to experience.

Everyone chooses how they react to the vibrations they are exposed to.

Most people do so without being aware of it – but the human condition, being what it is, means that no-one is exempted.

We all have a choice, each day, each hour, each minute. We can either consciously decide how to react to this constant bombardment of vibrations or we can pretend that we don’t have control of the only thing that we actually are afforded control over.

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