It’s not the 4th of July…

I’ve got this thing where it irks me when people call Independence day the 4th of July. I’m not trying to say it is some kinda grand conspiracy, but it wouldn’t do for the great unwashed masses to ruminate about how independent they are… But I digress.

Cartoon You

There is some interesting new animation software and techniques out there all of a sudden, so I have been drawing different versions of the cartoon Trip Kendall. I have learned that drawing is not enough, you have to draw with animation in mind. My own animation techniques are getting a little more sophisticated and the… Continue reading Cartoon You

Flock Together Design

In the wake to today’s identity politics, hatred, division, and social unrest I tried to come up with an idea for a graphic that emphasized the need to come together. Black and white, Christians and atheists, us and them….   At any rate, this is what I came up with,  coming to a T-shirt near… Continue reading Flock Together Design

AI Artificial Intelligence – It’s an AI World

I am sure that over the last year you have heard the term AI Artificial Intelligence but do you know what it means? AI Artificial Intelligence AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the field of study of intelligence displayed by machines. This is in contrast with the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals.  Some folks… Continue reading AI Artificial Intelligence – It’s an AI World

Reminds me of something Gandhi used to say…

Over the past few days I have seen a number of “Christians” that are “outraged” because somebody or another said *fuck* on Facebook. Not for nothin’, but imho, your “outrage” is misplaced. When all of the kids in your community go to bed with a full tummy, then, ok, get outraged at something someone wrote… Continue reading Reminds me of something Gandhi used to say…