People, Places, and Things 2019

2019 was the first year that I successfully collected and analyzed data all year. I had flirted with it for a couple of years but 2018 was the year that I created something good enough to use throughout the entire year of 2019.

Of course I tweaked my Python all year but I collected data everyday* from 1.1.2019 until now.

I’ve collected a wide variety of data, from the race for the democratic nomination to the hottest movies at any given point in time.

Of course what I am most interested in is capturing the zeitgeist. Trendiest Today is the most obvious example that I’ve published so far, but I have a couple of related projects that are launching early 2020.

Donald Trump Dominates the Zeitgeist

The President of the United States has proven Phineas T. Barnum correct. Trump has taken this whole there is no such thing as bad publicity thing to an entirely new level.

In a year of Jussie Smollet and Lori Loughlin Trump reigned supreme and completely dominated the headlines and social media. He was the number one name in our news rankings more days in 2019 then he was not…

Nikola Jokic was a name that I never thought I see trending in… NBA? But in my opinion he was the best player – ok – most effective player in the NBA Playoffs last year.

Joe Rogan, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Antonio Brown, and Boris Johnson have all made the top 10 multiple days in 2019. One day in July Bella Thorne said she was a Pansexual and that trended at 100% for 48 straight hours.

I tracked the most popular brands online, the most popular clicks out of this site, the most popular news headlines of 2019, and of course the odds to win the Democratic primary.

But in the end, Impeachment was the word that trended the hottest and hardest in 2019. Yet again, it all comes down to Trump.

* I missed a few days as my system was not as foolproof as I had thought. Once during a bad storm and for a few days when my sister passed away I collected no data.

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