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I love Podcasts.  I love Python.   Outside of the JRE all my favorite podcasts have something to do with Python.  Here is a short list of what I think are the best Python Podcasts.

Talk Python to Me
I am sure that most of you are already familiar with Talk Python To Me:  A podcast on Python and related technologies.   If not, or if you have never tuned in – stop reading this right now and click that link.   Talk Python to Me is a casual 45 minute conversation with industry experts hosted by Michael KennedyHighly recommended.

The Python Podcast.__init
A podcast about Python and the people who make it great. Hosted by @TobiasMacey.  Each episode digs deep into Python technical implementation, edge cases, and lessons learned. Tobias ensures that you get the most value for your time spent listening.

Now for something completely different….
Teaching Python is a podcast by Kelly Paredes and Sean Tibor about their adventures teaching middle schoolers the Python programming language.

Import This
Import This is a podcast from no less than Kennneth Reitz and Alex Gaynor. They wanted there to be more tech podcasts. So they made our own – we should be grateful.

Python Bytes
Not content to publish one great Python Podcast, Michael Kennedy, along with Brian Okken, deliver the Python Bytes podcast directly to your earbuds. Stay up to date on Python developer news by subscribing to get the best Python picks delivered weekly.

Defunct Python Podcasts
There are a bunch of cool Python related podcasts that have not been maintained but still have some interesting content to listen to:

From Python Import Podcast

Radio Free Python

Django Chat

Python for Informatics

Know of a Python Podcast we missed? Please add it in the comments below.

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