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One of the main reasons that I have not moved this blog to a newer platform ( I love WordPress, but it is 2021… ) is that I have not figured out what to do with reader comments.

I have all the content in Markdown files and ready to go, but a commenting system in static render land escapes me at this point. I digress…

The JTk Blog Reader Comments

In celebration of the visitors to this blog over the last decade, I bring to you my favorite reader comments…

Mee Lin wrote: “This is a waste of bandwidth…” referring to my list of the 260 sites that linked to my content over the years. That may be true, but is it more or less of a waste than her comment?

Wizerati wrote: “Leave it to you to find the connection between cryptographic schemes and potato blight.” about my post covering the Irish Potato Famine and Cha Cha Encryption. And that is exactly why I wrote the damn thing Wiz… Come on Man!

shAmy wrote: “Can you chat with your ai that wrote this? I want to make an ai like in Girl.” about the AI BL0G post. Dear shAmy, while I applaud your capitalization game I think that you should take a shower, get dressed, get out of the basement, and go meet a nice real girl.

The AI BL0G generated a few comments. Dee Loris said: I read a few posts and it seems like your AI software has a writing style? Could that be a thing? I thought that I had taught AI to write like me! I am so damn vain.

On my “The Top 100 Movies of All Time” Post Jax noted that “There are only 99 movies listed”. It is amazing that anyone read this list closely enough to figure that. It is true. The series The Wire was rated so highly by the system it was included. Since it was not a movie I removed it when I saw it and never re-ran the Jupyter Notebook where this Python code lives. That would partially answer Deb Burks comment as well. The rest of the answer would be that comic book movies suck.

If you want reader comments post political articles

Responding to my “I Got the News post” Zander said: “I guess echelon is already taken”. I mean, I could have codenamed it “Zander” I guess, but that would sound stupid.

Not Republican thoughtfully replied to one of my 2020 presidential election prognostication posts with:

Donald Trump and the Republicans is scared of Beto! The clubs of growth are running ads against him and he has not even announced the candidacy yet!! Run Beto Run!

And that comment is about as good as Beto’s campaign was.

The series of posts I did leading up to the 2020 election generated quite a bit of comment gold:

No more old white men! Change It

I like Bernie, but he is too old! AOC should be the President! Eric Garcetti

Stupid libtard Donald J Trump is the only candidate on the Republicans! Sam Gargnone

This is just more fake news. what makes you the predicter of elections? Libtards will go down soy boy.SamIAm

My “When AI Talks to Itself it Sounds Like This” post generated a number of comments as well, although they were far nicer than the political election comments.

Mike Jenkins said: Glad you noticed Whiskers”… wtf? It’s just Gossip Girl being nice to Whiskers…

A cloud computing post prompted Bill to comment : “I am old enough to remember when “cloud computing” was called client server. “ He is not altogether wrong.

The Zactivator said: “The web is dead”. On a website. That was live. Is this Zander? Zander I know that it’s you!

Alabama Fans Post Reader Comments

alabama fans post reader comments

Finally, I wrote a post once suggesting that one year Alabama would not win the College Football Playoff. Of course Alabama won and people had things to say:

  • And…. ‘Bama wins another national champs – Smallie Snails
  • Stars fell over Alabama! – Jackie
  • THE Alabama Crimson Tide
  • Stick to code, stay outta football – Stv Save
  • Roll Tide – multiple reader comments…
  • You are a dumass, Alabama will make the playoff and win it! ROll TiDe – Jerry Small

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