Move Your WordPress Site to the Google Cloud

One of the smartest things I’ve done lately is to move this site from an old school, shared hosting, web-host to the Google Cloud.

The difference in speed is amazing.  It’s not like, yeah, it’s a little faster;  it’s more like “whoa!  it doesn’t even load any more – it is just there!”

There is no comparison – I should have done this long ago.  If you have a website on hostgator, bluehost, etc. you should do this now.

There are some gotcha’s however.  I just finished a course on Google Cloud so I am up to speed and I know a fair amount about DNS, networking, etc. but I still made a few miss-steps initially.

I have the process for moving a WordPress based site to the GCP down cold now.  I use and highly recommend CloudFlare for managing DNS, cashing, https, etc.

If you are interested in hiring me to move your site to the twenty-first century; or for consulting so that you can move your own sites, mssg me: 850.270.3180 or email me here.