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Quality blog content since 2006
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December 29, 2019 2020 Democratic Nomination Odds – End of 2019

It’s hard to believe that I have been clocking the wanna-be DNC Nominees for an entire year.

July 18, 2019 2020 Presidential Election Odds

Even if you stick to the math, don’t pick sides, don’t talk issues, etc. the rabid blue twitter machine will…

April 8, 2019 Democratic Party 2020 Nominee Prediction in April 2019

As I’ve done every Monday this year,  this morning I ran my scripts that gather data about the potential Democratic…

March 15, 2019 There are Three Tiers of Candidates for the 2020 Democratic Party Nomination

Today I tweeted about how, although she is trending down, Elizabeth Warren was still a top tier candidate.  After I…

February 28, 2019 Democratic Presidential Candidates 2020 – March Power Rankings

I am super excited to announce the March Madness edition of the 2020 Democratic Candidates Power Rankings! I’ve invested over…

August 1, 2018 2020 Presidential Odds

With all of the news that has begun to saturate old and new media regarding the upcoming mid-term elections –…