2020 Presidential Election Odds

Even if you stick to the math, don’t pick sides, don’t talk issues, etc. the rabid blue twitter machine will call you names if you publish political data. It’s like they *REALLY* can’t conceive of someone being interested in collecting as much data on a topic as possible, running it through some machine learning, and… Continue reading 2020 Presidential Election Odds

Democratic Party 2020 Nominee Prediction in April 2019

As I’ve done every Monday this year,  this morning I ran my scripts that gather data about the potential Democratic presidential nominees. I’ve crunched those numbers, and run them through a bit of machine learning magic, and generated predictions.  The predictions are the percentage chance that each significant candidate gets the Democratic Party 2020 Presidential… Continue reading Democratic Party 2020 Nominee Prediction in April 2019

2020 Presidential Odds

With all of the news that has begun to saturate old and new media regarding the upcoming mid-term elections – I started thinking about the real political prize, the 2020 presidential race. I was wondering who had the best odds of becoming the next president of the United States at this point. I decided to… Continue reading 2020 Presidential Odds