AI Blog

If you had a blog that was composed of only the ramblings of artificial intelligence that you created, would that mean that you wrote the blog? Well that was the idea that I was working through when I created AIBL0G.COM. AI Blog and GANs After taking a Python Machine Learning and a Tensor Flow class… Continue reading AI Blog

It’s the Data Stupid

When James Carville told President Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential campaign team: “It’s the Economy Stupid” he left little doubt about what mattered most. These days what matters most is the data. Sure Google is made up of talented engineers, solid leadership, great code, etc.  What is it however, without its ( your ) data?

When AI Talks to Itself it Sounds Like This

These days if you have the right tools and an idea it’s pretty easy to create a proof of concept project.  Of course by the right tools I mean Python – but after waffling about which cloud service to use it also means AWS for this project. I’ve been taking the Python for Data Science and… Continue reading When AI Talks to Itself it Sounds Like This

AI Artificial Intelligence – It’s an AI World

I am sure that over the last year you have heard the term AI Artificial Intelligence but do you know what it means? AI Artificial Intelligence AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the field of study of intelligence displayed by machines. This is in contrast with the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals.  Some folks… Continue reading AI Artificial Intelligence – It’s an AI World