It’s the Data Stupid

When James Carville told President Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential campaign team: “It’s the Economy Stupid” he left little doubt about what mattered most. These days what matters most is the data. Sure Google is made up of talented engineers, solid leadership, great code, etc.  What is it however, without its ( your ) data?

Python for Machine Learning

Today I got my certificate for the Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp on Udemy.   This was a great course and I really enjoy the way  Jose Portilla teaches. The class covers topics from Pandas and visualizations through machine learning, cloud computing with PySpark, all the way to TensorFlow.  I can now train test split in my… Continue reading Python for Machine Learning

When AI Talks to Itself it Sounds Like This

These days if you have the right tools and an idea it’s pretty easy to create a proof of concept project.  Of course by the right tools I mean Python – but after waffling about which cloud service to use it also means AWS for this project. I’ve been taking the Python for Data Science and… Continue reading When AI Talks to Itself it Sounds Like This