People, Places, and Things 2019

2019 was the first year that I successfully collected and analyzed data all year. I had flirted with it for a couple of years but 2018 was the year that I created something good enough to use throughout the entire year of 2019.

People in the News April 2019

I’ve run my People in the News bots and scripts every week since the first of the year.  Each and every week Donald Trump has been number one, and it has never been close. I’ve never had a repeat person in the second spot until this week when Jussie Smollett reprised his victim role…

Most News Worthy People this Week

One of my many personal Python projects involves sending my bots out to scour the web’s most popular news sites.  I am looking to gather, track, and log all kinds of data and turn that data into information… I’ve discovered that tracking who is in the news – and how often they are mentioned in… Continue reading Most News Worthy People this Week