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In May of 1992 I was laid up after injuring myself at work.  I was going to have to have the only surgery I’ve ever had and couldn’t work for a couple of months.  While this event seemed to be a negative it turned out to be a life defining positive event.  I decided to take this time off my feet to learn about computers.  I bought a 486(dx) 25 MHz loaded with Windows 3.11 and the rest, as they say, is history.

I went from there to create and sell multiple computer based companies, designed websites for prominent politicians and business, and worked with some of the biggest names of the time.  I also could not go to a family reunion, party, or any other sort of gathering with out someone asking me to look at their computer…

Since then I have provided tech support services in some form or fashion to Yahoo, a Governor of a neighboring Southern state, dozens of my own employees,  multiple small and medium sized businesses, and of course friends and family.  Many knowledgeable tech based people think tech support is the lowest rung on the tech jobs ladder.  Something for the interns to handle.  I never approached tech support that way; I genuinely enjoy helping people solve their tech related issues.  Whether the topic is as in-depth as setting up and configuring a production Linux server all the way through “my Windows computer is slow, can you help speed it up”.

Tech Support Services

I can help you or your business with:

Windows Tech Support
If your Windows computer is slow, downloads are taking forever, it keeps rebooting, you have pop up ads, a virus, spyware, etc. – call me.  It doesn’t matter how far away I am I can fix it over the internet assuming you can install the remote software.  I can even talk you through installing it 🙂

Website Tech Support
I have designed, developed, and maintained literally hundreds of websites since the begging of the graphical web.  I read and write HTML/CSS as well ( better? ) than I do English.  I have used and supported many different CMS’s and web servers, and have a working knowledge of them.  If you need WordPress support you are in the right place as well.  Whatever is wrong with your site, I can help you set it right.

Linux Tech Support
Have you decided to take the Open Source Software plunge?  Trying to get Linux running on your old laptop and running into problems?  I’m not surprised.  Linux is insanely powerful, but it can be intimidating and difficult to get up and running to say the least.  I was RedHat certified but have worked with a number of different distros.  Ubuntu seems to be the distribution that  most people need help with these days and I have helped even the greenest newbies get started with it.

Mobile Device Tech Support
Can’t get your iPhone to talk to your computer?  Need help syncing up?  Have a virus on your Android phone?  These are just some of the problems I can help with.  Klout calls me an expert on Samsung devices, and while my expertise is broader than just Samsung phones, I have had allot of success helping people with their Samsung/Android phones.

Data Backup and Recovery
If disaster strikes, knowing that you have a bullet proof backup solution is a blessing indeed.  I work with clients to identify their back up and recovery needs and implement a suitable solution.  What good is backing up your Windows desktop if you don’t back up your phone, laptop, and/or website?  Having everything backed up to the cloud in an organized manner makes recovering from a catastrophic much less traumatic.

Security Tech Support
How digitally secure are you?  Do you even know?  Are you sure?  The best way to insure that you are secure is to perform a security audit to determine where and how you may be vulnerable across your entire digital footprint.   Hopefully before the hackers find those weaknesses.  Once the audit is concluded, and my security suggestions are implemented, I offer security monitoring services as well.


One Point of Contact for Tech Support

I give each of my support clients the attention they deserve.  Their problems are my problems, until the problems are fixed.  I can work by the hour or on retainer.  If you do buy a few hours in a block to put me on a retainer I will be available to you 24/7.  I have literally gotten out of bed to fix clients  tech problems.  When you call me you will deal exclusively with me – not my assistant, not an Indian call center, just one knowledgeable guy that is dedicated to helping his clients with their tech problems.

Get in touch today so we can discuss your tech support needs.


  1. Highly recommended. You don’t often find someone at Trip’s skill level willing to help you get your printer working! But he will and he will give tech support the same time and thoughtfulness as he would if he were writing a new app. Hire this man as your tech guy!

  2. Dude, if you want your computer to run Faaaassssttt, get trip to clean it up for you. Made all the difference in the world.

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