Tensor Flow Certification

Hey Now!  Just a quick little post signifying my completion of the Tensor Flow class that I (slowly) made my way through.

TensorFlow is an open-source software library from Google used for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications such as neural networks.

Unlike some of my other classes, like the Computer Vision class which was a breeze and enjoyable, I struggled a little with this class.

I think the reason that this class was a more difficult for me than a typical Python class is because TensorFlow introduces an entirely new paradigm.  Unlike a typical Python program, in TensorFlow you create graphs and run them in sessions.

The lovely Teresa Gail was very patient with me so that I was able to take my time and really  learn the details of this exciting, still evolving, technology.

After completing this course I am most interested in a very new technology – Generative Adversarial Networks.  In fact one could say that I am slightly obsessed with GAN’s.  So much so that ever since I learned about them I watch GAN youtube videos each time I am on the elliptical…

If you are interested in hiring a knowledgeable, educated, and enthusiastic Python coder that is borderline obsessed with machine learning contact me today.  You could do worse….


This certificate verifies that Trip Kendall successfully completed the course Complete Guide to TensorFlow for Deep Learning with Python on 01/26/2019 as taught by Jose Portilla on Udemy.

Tensor Flow Certification

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