Thanksgiving Security – Family Tech Support

If you are at all teach savoy you may get asked to perform some family tech support this holiday season. While this may seem like a drag, we suggest you embrace it. The more secure computers out there the less we all have to worry. DDoS attacks, virus spreading worms, and all kinds of nasty malware that relys on under-protected computers and mobile devices.

Family Tech Support

When your parents or older aunts and uncles say “will you look at this for me”, be prepared. While you try and solve their issue make sure everything is up to date and patched. Many articles have been written suggesting that un-patched software is the number one cyber security issue. As the family tech support this should be your first step. While you are at it, make sure that there is some kind of virus / malware protection. Might as well run a quick scan too…

family tech support

After you look at their devices it is always a good idea to discuss digital security. Ideas to discuss are password managers, explain ransom-ware maybe, and make sure they understand https! If they are running Windows, Windows Defender has really come into it’s own. If they have a computer without or outdated virus software, hook them up.

Take the time to discuss phising with them as that is a huge problem with the less tech savy. If possible, show them how to update their devices themselves and stress the importance of keeping them updated. If they think you are making too big an issue out of online security remind them that they are much more likely to be robbed online than in the physical world.


    1. Keep fighting the good fight Garcinia! There was a time in the early days of PC’s that I wouldn’t even go to parties. It was always like “Hey, can you just look at something for me real quick?”

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