The First Democratic Debate 2019

The first debates are upon us!

I’ve been tracking all of the Democratic candidates since the first of the year, and for the first time we got to see them interact with each other.  Well, half of them…

The First Democratic Debate June 27 2019

Last night the first half of democratic candidates took the stage here in Florida.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren was the topped ranked candidate in round one and my numbers suggest that she was the most talked about candidate after the debate as well:

More surprising was that Tulsi Gabbard climbed all the way up to the second slot.

If you watched the post debate spin you will be forgiven for thinking that Julian Castro won the debate.  My system pegs him decidedly in middle of the pack at 5th.

Elizabeth Warren 99
Tulsi Gabbard 79
Beto O’Rourke 70
Cory Booker 67
Julián Castro 45
Tim Ryan 37
Amy Klobuchar 35
Jay Inslee 30
John Delaney 27
Bill de Blasio 25

Bill de Blasio finished dead last which is not surprising at all.  de Blasio is easily the least liked democratic candidate in the entire field.

Even though he doesn’t take the stage until tonight Joe Biden was still the Democratic Party candidate mentioned the most in the news and on social media overnight.  This suggests to me that it is his race to lose at this point.

Amy Klobuchar finished a distant seventh.  When you finish behind Tim Ryan it might be time to re-evaluate your candidacy.

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