The State Of My Web Development 2019

I’ve been doing this for a while…

There has never been a more loaded phrase in the dev world.  Sure, it means that I have experience.  It also means that I am old.

Fairly or cynically it can also suggest that maybe I am outta touch.  We all get set in certain ways of thinking. Luckily for me Python took me away from web-dev, and then back to it, with a fresh approach via Django.

Python also got me thinking about running my code online so I was dragged into developing on the cloud whether I liked it or not.   I learned how the GCP worked and moved everything there.

This brings me to the first take away from this post:

If your website is not running on a top-tier cloud provider, the biggest improvement that you can make to your site is to move your site to the Google Cloud or some other comparable cloud provider.

Do so immediately.  The cost is similar, the performance is significantly better.

Even after I moved this site to the GCP it took some doing to get it in the 90th percentile of Google’s “Page Speed Insights“.  That link will tell you what to do to get a site into the top 10%, how to accomplish it is on you…

Simple is Better than Complex

This is a Python thing, but it’s also a life thing. More complex in and of itself does not make something better, and in fact can make it worse. Imho, the web dev world could tighten up a bit.

(Plugins + themes + frameworks) x (Javascript + CSS + HTML) = bloated source code.

I am as guilty as anyone else.  The latest Django project that I am developing uses bootstrap instead of something simpler such as Pure.

I am also loading some JavaScript that I would like to figure a way around.  JavaScript has grown up quite a bit since I first encountered it.  It has also become the number one reason your internet is slow…

When did validating your code become old school?

I understand that sometimes content will not validate.  But your html/css template(s) should validate.  Period.  That’s not old school; that is an appropriate level of attention to detail.

I have watched or read multiple tutorials, and seen half a dozen cases in the wild, of templates consisting of non-valid html or css.

I have even encountered indignant coders that will dismiss you when you point out their HTML doesn’t validate.  Lets just all agree to validate our themes / templates.

Web Dev – A Slight Return

Django and the possibilities of running my Python code on the back-end renewed my interest in web-dev.  Having my sites on the Google Cloud so that they are faster than 89% of the other sites on the internet is very exciting.

I even connected some Python on my laptop to a WordPress site on the GCP.  The possibilities are truly limitless; or at least only limited by time, imagination, and money 🙂

If you are planning your own exciting Django project I am available for Freelance Python and Django work.

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