The Sunday Afternoon of Your Life.

You know how when, inevitably, at some point on any given Sunday, you notice that it’s getting late in the day? You realize that the weekend is almost over. There is still Sunday evening to enjoy, but it will be a melancholy enjoyment.

You know that it is almost Monday…

Maybe it’s been a long weekend, and it had it all. Fun with friends, drinks until dawn, romantic interludes with the love of your life, and heart pounding excitement at exotic locales.

Regardless, your weekend is all but finished.

That’s how life is.

One day it’s Friday night and everyone is doing shots and dancing. The next thing you know it’s 6:00 pm Sunday.

If you are lucky you are with someone you love on that proverbial Sunday night. You accept reality, have all your ducks in a row for Monday, and squeeze the last little bit of enjoyment from the weekend in an appropriate manner.

The people that are most successful in life spend Sunday evening preparing for Monday. Opportunity is only valuable when you meet it with preparation. Some people, however, can’t give up on a good time and are partying Sunday afternoon well into the evening.

I am more aware than ever before that my weekend is more than half over. I am well into Sunday in this tortured life / weekend analogy.

I want my Sunday afternoon to count. I want to use the late Sunday afternoon of my life getting ready for what comes after the weekend.

That’s the only way I can see that I will ever be able to enjoy Sunday night.

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