The “Third Man In” Rule

The very best thing about Hockey is the invention of the Third Man In rule.

It should be applied to everything. In life.

The idea being that if there are 2 consenting idiots that want to fight each other; get out of the way and let them fight each other. Don’t be the cunt (the royal cunt that is) that gets punched in the face trying to break it up. The only thing worse than that is being the third man in…

The “Third Man In” rule in hockey refers to the third idiot that helps one of the first two idiots beat up the remaining idiot. Hockey would send that idiot to the penalty box. Repeat offenders of the third man in rule should be ritually ostracized in real life and on social media as well.

I bring this up because, you may have noticed, that people are being mean to each other on social media these days. People gonna people; not much you can do about it.

You can decide not to get between 2 idiots irl or on fb. That’s my plan.

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