The Top 100 Movies of All Time

I got to spend some time with my son this past summer.  He’s growing up and has his first job this year so my opportunities for spending blocks of time with him are dwindling.  He is a budding cinephile so one of the way we connect is discussing movies.  

While he was down here we started discussing “the best movies” and what the criteria for inclusion might be.  I was recalling that conversation last week and decided to try and do some data collection and machine learning to create a Top 100 Movies of All Time List.

I collected reviews, ratings, data sets – all the data I could get my hands on that had numerical representations of “movie scores”.  I normalized that data and then ran it through some machine learning techniques that I have been studying the last few months.

The Top 100 Movies of All Time:

RankMovie NameYear
9.56Shawshank Redemption, The1994
9.38Godfather, The1972
9.32Usual Suspects, The1995
9.27Schindler’s List1993
9.19Godfather: Part II, The1974
9.19Seven Samurai1954
9.18Rear Window1954
9.17Band of Brothers2001
9.15Sunset Blvd.1950
9.13One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest1975
9.13Dr. Strangelove1964
9.13Third Man, The1949
9.11City of God (Cidade de Deus)2002
9.10Lives of Others, The2006
9.10North by Northwest1959
9.10Paths of Glory1957
9.09Fight Club1999
9.08Double Indemnity1944
9.0812 Angry Men1957
9.07Dark Knight, The2008
9.07Raiders of the Lost Ark1981
9.05Big Sleep, The1946
9.04All About Eve1950
9.04Spirited Away2001
9.01Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope1977
9.01To Kill a Mockingbird1962
9.00The Empire Strikes Back1980
9.00Maltese Falcon, The1941
9.00Matrix, The1999
9.00Thin Man, The1934
8.99Touch of Evil1958
8.99Black Mirror2011
8.99Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers1993
8.98Silence of the Lambs, The1991
8.98Princess Bride, The1987
8.98Rashomon (Rashômon)1950
8.98Life Is Beautiful (La Vita è bella)1997
8.97Pulp Fiction1994
8.97Monty Python and the Holy Grail1975
8.97Decalogue, The (Dekalog)1989
8.97City Lights1931
8.97Sting, The1973
8.97Philadelphia Story, The1940
8.97It Happened One Night1934
8.96Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave1995
8.95On the Waterfront1954
8.95General, The1926
8.95Lawrence of Arabia1962
8.95Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The1948
8.94Shadow of a Doubt1943
8.94Strangers on a Train1951
8.94When We Were Kings1996
8.94American Beauty1999
8.93Cinema Paradiso1989
8.93His Girl Friday1940
8.93American History X1998
8.92Grand Illusion1937
8.92My Neighbor Totoro1988
8.92Witness for the Prosecution1957
8.91Raise the Red Lantern1991
8.91Bicycle Thieves1948
8.91Modern Times1936
8.91The Return of the King2003
8.90Song of the Little Road1955
8.90Boot, Das (Boat, The)1981
8.90Jean de Florette1986
8.90Nights of Cabiria1957
8.90The Fellowship of the Ring2001
8.90Great Escape, The1963
8.89400 Blows, The1959
8.89Blade Runner1982
8.89Man for All Seasons, A1966
8.88Citizen Kane1941
8.88Lady Eve, The1941
8.88Duck Soup1933
8.88Thin Blue Line, The1988
8.88Stop Making Sense1984
8.88Once Upon a Time in the West1968
8.88Manchurian Candidate, The1962
8.87World of Apu, The1959
8.87Hustler, The1961
8.86Celebration, The (Festen)1998
8.86Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The1966
8.86Henry V1989
8.86Creature Comforts1989

The ratings have been rounded for display purposes but the movies are in the right order.  I tried to find a mix of data ( 1-10 stars, 1-100 percent ranking, thumbs up or down); from  critics and movie goers.

The biggest part of this project was collating and cleaning data.  It is not as sexy as Machine Learning but just as important.  Without clean data and quality feature engineering even the best deep learning algorithms are not particularly useful.

If you have data you need cleaned up


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