The Trip Kendall Photoshop Text FX

Ever since I had to get an Adobe subscription when I was thrust back into the web-dev world I have been trying not to take Photoshop for granted.

My skills have deteriorated some as coding has taken up the vast amount of time I spend at my desk, but Photoshop is still my favorite video game.

To this end I have been doing some simple little Photoshop things after hours, on Sundays, etc. The one I like the most lately was this cool text fx that I created.

I decided to share the PSD for free under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence.

The file itself only consists of a few layers and obviously it is the text layers that are the most interesting. The easiest way to use the text layers is by coming up with your own color scheme and editing the layer style as needed.

You can down load the Photoshop PSD file here.

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