Time makes sense, but only in small increments.

Since the other day, when the new world order lizard men made me change my clocks and cost me an hour of sweet, precious sleep; I’ve been thinking about time. It’s easy to think about the time periods of our own lives, the eras that we lived through. It gets a little weirder when one tries to think about where that era fits into the entire timeline of human history.

The first big construction project that humans attempted broke ground about 12,000 years ago in present day Turkey. These circles of stone pillars were constructed by hunter / gatherers a full seven thousand years before the pyramids in Egypt were built.

Now, those same pyramids of Egypt, they were as old to the people in the Roman Empire as the Roman Empire is to people of today! There was about 2,000 years between now and the Roman Empire and 2,000 years between the Romans and the pyramids being built… And while we are on the subject of pyramids, Cleopatra lived closer in time to now than to the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Not weird enough?

How about the oldest living person’s birth date is closer to Napoleon ruling Europe than it is to today’s date. The tenth president of the united states, John Tyler, has 2 grandchildren who are still alive, and Betty White is literally older than sliced bread.

Oh yeah, and that 12,000 years that we started with? It would take more than five times that amount of time to take a modern-day space ship to the nearest star.

Not to mention that time makes lovers feel, like they got something real….

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