Top Fifty Brands Online

If you are reading this blog then you are most likely aware that I’ve been collecting information from across the web since the first of the year.  I’ve been manipulating and massaging said data to glean insights from it.

Today I am posting, for the first time, my research into what are the most popular or influential brands online.

Top Brands Online

The first caveat is that this data only reflects information about brands collected from news and social media sites online.  It does not take into account market caps, valuations, or any other business info; nor does it include information from offline sources.

Secondly I’ve only been collecting this data for 5 months now.  Since this information comes from news and social media sites, if a brand has something horrible happen ( Boeing ) then it’s going to rank higher than it otherwise might.

Finally, seasonality colors these results as well.  For example the Superbowl and the NFL draft fall within the time-frame of collected data.  The NBA playoffs are in full swing as well; so these sports leagues may rank higher now than they would in a few months.  My end of the year rankings will be much more representative of reality in this regard.

The Top Fifty Brands

 Rank Brand Media Saturation
 1 Facebook 80
 2 Amazon 65.91
 3 Google 63.64
 4 Twitter 59.09
 5 Apple 54.55
 6 Netflix 52.27
 7 NBC 45.45
 8 NFL 43.18
 9 Instagram 40.91
 10 NBA 38.64
 11 YouTube 36.36
 12 Disney 35.23
 13 CNN 34.09
 14 Uber 31.82
 15 Microsoft 29.55
 16 Boeing 28.41
 17 Huawei 27.27
 18 WhatsApp 25
 19 Tesla 22.73
 20 Yahoo 20.45
 21 Walmart 19.32
 22 MSNBC 18.18
 23 Samsung 17.5
 24 Volkswagen 16.7
 25 Lyft 15.91
 26 Wikileaks 14.55
 27 Fox News 13.64
 28 Nike 12.89
 29 UFC 11.36
 30 NASCAR 9.61
 31 NRA 9.09
 32.5 GM 8.64
 32.5 Toyota 8.64
 34 Alexa 7.05
 35 Pixar 6.82
 36 McDonalds 5.45
 37 Pandora 5.27
 38 Ford 4.55
 39 Verizon 3.41
 40 NHL 2.8
 41 SpaceX 2.55
 42 Fitbit 2.27
 43 Wemo 2.09
 44 Panasonic 2.02
 45 PGA 1.86
 46 ESPN 1.82
 47 HBO 1.32
 48 Philips 0.95
 49 Sony 0.34
 50 Trip Advisor 0.05

No matter how I slice it, Facebook is the biggest brand online.  Easily.  The rest of the top half dozen are usual suspects.  I guess that it is no surprise that Netflix and YouTube are the top entertainment brands.

It’s a sign of the times that Tesla shows up higher on this list than much larger and more profitable car makers.  It’s also interesting ( to me anyway ) that General Motors and Toyota are the only tie.  Uber is ranked higher than all the auto manufactures…

Professional sports are well represented.  I have an entire post dedicated to the popularity of sports leagues here if you are interested.

Wikileaks has dominated the news of brands since Julian Assange was arrested.  This is a perfect example a brand seeming more popular than it is because of recent events.  It was outside of the top 50 before this week, with the arrest it knocked the WWE off the list.

Wikileaks is also the only non-profit that makes the list as the NCAA is just outside the top 50 at #52.

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