Trip Kendall

Hi.  I am a Freelance JavaScript / Python Web Developer.

I have decades of experience with web development from website design through launch.  I may be an old dog, but I have new tricks!  These days my sites are Serverless and JavaScript based

In addition to Python and JavaScript I and certified in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Web Security, Linux, Cryptography and Machine Learning, and more…

I am available for booking on February 1st.  If you are interested in getting your project on my schedule let me know – first come first serve. I bring years of experience and cutting edge skills to each project I accept.  I will be happy to discuss your project with no initial cost or expectations.

I work remotely as well as on-site for consultations. I can work with git, ssh, svn, etc.

If you are  interested in contacting me, click here.