Trip Kendall’s College Football Rankings, Inaugural Edition

First and foremost – I have to come up with a name for the big data football stuff I’ve been doing – so if you have a catchy name for some computer generated football bot ai type stuff, send me your suggestions and if they are better than the lame stuff that I have come up with so far,  I might use it.

If I get rich you’ll get your naming rights compensated.

If you are reading this then you are most likely aware that I have been working on merging my emerging love for big data with my love hate relationship with football…  If you are an English major you are excused as the last sentence surely has you distracted, I digress…

Lately I have been attempting to turn my system ( again please help me name this, it would make writing about it much easier… ) on to college football.  While this presented a fair number of challenges compared to the NFL data, it is late enough in the season that previous results allow me to focus on only a handful of teams.  Unlike the NBA the data is also available allowing a poor boy to sort it.  Do NOT look for an NBA version of my work because I am not paying for data as I make no money from this stuff…

Without further ado, I give you my very first college football top 10:

  1. Georgia 63.3% chance of beating Auburn
  2. Alabama 72% chance beating Miss St.
  3. Notre Dame 57.5% chance of beating Miami
  4. Clemson 78% chance of beating FSU
  5. Oklahoma 55% chance of beating TCU
  6. Wisconsin 72% chance of beating Iowa
  7. Miami 42.5% chance of beatin Notre Dame
  8. Washington 65% chance of beating Stanford
  9. UCF 88% chance of beating Connecticut
  10. TCU 45% chance of beating Oklahoma

I’ve listed my top ten in order as well as their percentage for victory against their next opponent.  A few interesting observations: my algorithm does not like it if you have lost 2 games at this point in the season.  That will change by necessity as we move forward, but at this point it is a deal breaker.  #3 Notre Dame plays #7 Miami next week.  If Miami loses look for them to fall below all the other teams here and maybe out of the top 10 alltogether.  If Notre Dame loses, they may be the first 2 loss team in the top 10, but look for some two loss team to crack the top 10 for sure if that happens.  UCF is in the top 10 and will almost assuredly win this week which will not only move them up ( as some team above them will lose ) but assuming Miami loses, will make them the higest ranking team in Florida….

Quick aside:  If nothing else, my system is smarter than the ESPN FPI.  There is no way that the Georgia Bulldogs are 6th…  Maybe ( MAYBE!) 2nd, but 6th is ridiculous….

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