1. If would be so nice to not have to (try!) and remember all my logins and passwords… I have a password manager (LastPass) but it is not a foolproof solution.

    1. That’s the idea for sure. The added security is more important in my world, but I could not agree with you more.

  2. Big tech companies have been using this sort of sign in for quite some time. It’s good to see it coming to the masses in the U.S.

    The big HOWEVER is that this should only ever be ONE option for signing in. I am not for the Eastern European model where you HAVE to login with your government issued smart card.

    1. Hey… Got it – Memory Override, that is a very good point… If you can only login with your government issued smart card I would be totally against it. Food for thought.

      1. Right, it doesn’t really matter if you can’t comment on facebook with out your government id card, but if you can’t log into your bank account with out it?

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